This is more than a message. To quote Aleister’s mongoose,

“I do not exist. We come from smokeclouds, the black rain of the cloudburst. I know you wanna fly, but you’re no Poppins. She’s 100% above average, a God with an upper case ‘G’. You’re a god with a lower case ‘g’ at best: the ghost of a phone, a commoner in Rashomon, a loyal locust in the ranks of the resistance.

Consider the price we have to pay in order to breathe the rarified air of social mediafflluence. We do our best to navigate these daze days, hindered as we are by invisible ties, and there is a sense in which everything is fine. Ultimately though, it may not be possible to reconcile our desire to broadcast our private pleasures with the drudgery we are due: an appointment for a root canal, drinks with Johanna from the office, yada yada yada.

Think it over. Overthinking has a bad name, but it may be the only way to rest in peace. You can plumb the rabbit hole of art imitating life imitating art imitating life to your heart’s content. I don’t know what you’ll find. I used to make predictions like that - right now, i mostly just don’t. Let’s meet in another lifetime and figure out whose formula won.”

-Vikram Devasthali, February 18th, 2019, Glendale, CA

Tracks by Wyatt Keusch.
Vocals by Tim Clark, Vikram Devasthali, Justin Fabillar & Wyatt Keusch.
Instrumental performances by Wyatt Keusch, Sam Jones, Ethan Braun, Brian Griffith, James Lake & Vikram Devasthali.
Cover art by David Paha.
© 1987-2020