Wyatt Keusch is a German-Canadian musician living in Vancouver, British Columbia. His work is oriented generally towards the "esoteric" end of whichever spectrum on which he happens to find himself, be that tape collage, free improvisation, instrumental composition or electronic music. In addition to the work released under his given name, Wyatt also has a number of collaborative ventures & alternate guises, such as Luther Burbank, Hanne K (along with her Undectet & Septet), Tired Device, Sub TelaJean d’Ys, Khonsu-Djehuty, Hoofwerk‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Jack Parsons Quartet, E.L. James Brown & Jones.Keusch / Hooftet.

Wyatt graduated from CalArts, with a BFA in music, which was ultimately a positive experience, since he made some wonderful friends there (though art school remains, overall, a deeply silly experience). From 2008-2015 he ran the now-defunct Khalija label with Casey Anderson, where they released cassettes, CDs & digital work by Mark Trayle, Jason Khan, EVOL, Travis Just + Object Collection, Pierce Warnecke, Scott Cazan, Greg Davis, Tim Perkis, Headboggle & many more. In 2015, Casey & Wyatt felt that the Khalija project had run its course, so they amicably closed up shop, remaining great friends to this day. Khalija now exists solely in an archival capacity, with the majority of releases still available as downloads through the Bandcamp page; physical editions can occasionally be found on Discogs or in used record shops (mostly in California). Casey and Wyatt now find themselves each operating their own labels; a wave pressELEXVE, respectively. ELEXVE is a joint venture with Matt Hettich.

Wyatt’s first two albums were released by the Mille Plateaux label, & can be found on all streaming services (though not here, as he doesn’t currently hold the publishing/distribution rights to them - thanks, copyright law!). From 2006-2014, Wyatt’s primary focus was on live performance, during which time he played a staggering number of gigs in a varitety of locales and contexts; a particular set was described by Eric Avery as being “the first time [he] was scared at a show since the ‘80s”, which Wyatt considers to be praise of the highest order. From 2014 to the present, his focus has shifted towards studio work, both solo & collaborative, with live performances being a special occasion rather than a default. He does his best to temper his musical (hyper)activity by spending unfocused time with his wifetheir friends. Each moment is eternal - live joyfully.

Since 2013, he has been employed professionally as a part of Cargo Collective, the entity which develops & sustains the platform on which this lovely website is built. He is very happy to have found a position working alongside such wonderfully interesting people. If you need a website, Cargo is the only game in town. Subscribing to the Cargo newsletter is also highly recommended, as it is a reliable source of fascination (particularly the textual missives at the end, and the newly-added Oracle section).

His only social media presence is a private instagram account, where he adoringly exhibits pictures of his cats alongside small bits of nonsense to pass the time. There’s a link to that account up at the top of this page, so feel free to send him a request if you want in on that sweet cat pic action. You could also click the envelope icon up there, if you’d prefer to get in touch with Wyatt via email. He’s glad to hear from any & all curious parties, so don’t be shy.
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