Wyatt Keusch is a German-Canadian musician & occultist living in Vancouver, BC, whose work is oriented generally towards the "esoteric" end of whichever spectrum on which he happens to find himself, be that free improvisation, composition, ritual work, or electronic music (though he wonders if, this far into the 21st century, there’s still a properly meaningful distinction to be made by identifying a music as “electronic” - read more on that subject here). He has a BFA from the Music School at CalArts, which is nice, he supposes. He is happily amateur, though he used to be signed to a record label of note, had a label of his own, and performed live relentlessly - then he got deeply tired, and decided to start taking better care of his inner self. These days, he balances out his musical activity by spending unfocused time with his wife and their friends. Each moment is eternal - live joyfully.

Contrary to what his inclination towards self-effacement might suggest, Wyatt does sincerely love the music he makes and the people with whom he makes it. That self-effacement is merely an expression of gentle humor and lightheartedness, and should not be misread as anything more serious. Wyatt would be completely unhinged without regular immersion in the wholesome creative act of music-making, and he therefore puts his best energy into it, be it on his lonesome or collaboratively with Luther Burbank, The Hanne K Undectet / SeptetJean d’Ys or ‘s-Hertogenbosch. He does, however, have a particular bee in his bonnet when it comes to marketing / image / branding, and feels that, while such a bee may not reside in everyone’s bonnet (which is ok!), it’s quite comfortable in his, and he feels no need to send it on its way. His relationship with the bonnet-dwelling bee of non-commercial artistic existence is a benign/symbiotic one, and it manifests as a desire to simply side-step the self-promotional miscellany to whatever degree he is able, leaving such matters to those who enjoy engaging with them. Wyatt is a person who does a thing, does it well, and loves doing it. That’s all.

Since 2013, he has worked professionally as a part of Cargo Collective, the entity which develops and sustains the platform on which this lovely website is built. He is very happy to have found a place among such wonderfully interesting people. If you need a website, Cargo is the only game in town. Subscribing to the Cargo newsletter is also highly recommended, as it is a reliable source of fascination (particularly the textual missives at the end).

In July 2019, Wyatt was convinced by his old friend Matt Hettich that the two of them should start a new label together, and thus ELEXVE was born. The inaugural ELEXVE compilation was released in January 2020.

His only social media presence is a private instagram account, where he adoringly exhibits pictures of his cats alongside small bits of nonsense to pass the time. He has around 120 “followers” (i.e. his friends, family and a couple handfuls of others), and though he finds some of the implications of the term “follower”...amusing, he tries not over-think things like that. In any event, there’s a link to that account up at the top of this page, so feel free to send him a request if you want in on that sweet cat pic action.

If, after reading this missive, you’d like to get in touch with Wyatt, feel free to use the email link up at the top of this page. He’s happy to hear from any and all sympathetic/curious parties, so don’t be shy.
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