Luther Burbank was born of a hundred and one nights of tinkering at the Silver Lake home of film composer Sam Jones. Fuelled by the creations of prolific beatmaker Wyatt Keusch and the lyrics of Vikram Devasthali, what began as a simple experiment in rap developed over two years into their full-length debut, With Apologies To...

With Apologies To... explores the idea of space as both a place and a metaphor, beginning with a pair of tributes to intrepid women who braved the unknown: a celebrated groundbreaker who slipped the surly bonds of earth (”Sally Ride”) and an unsung heroine of the civil-rights movement who dared to sit where she was not allowed (”Claudette Colvin”). Over twelve tracks, Luther Burbank pumbs the depths of the human fascination with the final frontier - in all of its terror, beauty, and mayhem.

Cover illustration by Andrew Ohlmann. Text by Vikram Devasthali.
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