If one is cracked open, and no boys are around to be with it, is it even cold?

Such are the difficult questions we must ask ourselves in these unprecedented times, these uncertain days of quarantine. We never thought this moment would come, but we stand here now in a brave new world, indeed.

Though we may not be able to crack anything open with our boys in the material world, it’s important to remember that the true boys are the friendships we made along the way...or...wait...the real boys were in our hearts all along...uhh...just click your heels together three times and say, “there’s no place like boys”?

Clear ones, full boys, can’t lose.

Jokes aside, these tracks were made between January and June of 2019, and were prompted mostly by my having bought a new bass. All the bass and guitar playing on this album was done by me, live and unedited. The bass was an Ibanez, and I still have it; the guitar was a PRS, and I do not still have it.

I decided to release this batch of beats simply because I think they’re real good, and I felt that I’d sat on them long enough already; I am not putting this out as commentary on (or in response to) the ‘rona. This album has nothing to do with “current events”, nor does any of my other work. In fact, I find “timely art” to be relentlessly tedious, and I have a categorical distaste for it.

Fortunately, there’s nothing like a fresh bach of well-crafted beats to wash that horrible “current events” taste out of my mouth. Goes down smooth, every time.
© 2020